USA - Syracuse BLUE 1 in 1999

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                I was invited for the residency program of LIGHT WORK in Syracuse U.S.A. in 1999...


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Entre Chien et Loup©YuHirai

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MADAME ACTION <...When I was young, I thought that differences between woman and man would become less and less important and would one day disappear altogether. I was wrong on that front and we clearly still live in a masculine world. But today, the frontier between manhood and womanhood is more ambiguous and this shift is important for us all to understand.>

I am delighted to announce that in February/March 2019 my photographs will be published in NiepceBook10, a review dedicated to contemporary photography.

Ten photographers working on the themes of Genre, Society & Culture were chosen, and a full page portfolio of my Madame Action series will be presented with a portrait interview!

This review without advertising, in a numbered limited edition, is only available through participatory publishing and will not be reprinted.  The amount collected in participatory publishing will determine the number of copies printed.

Please look in this link! (unfortunately in French... Do you understand french?)

If you wish to support the project please don’t hesitate to sign up right now! 
Thank you very much in advance.


PR video for

You might like to take a look at my old PR video for <Frontier - MADAME ACTION>


When I was twenty years old, I first moved to Europe. Since then I have lived most of my life abroad. Despite this I have become more and more conscious of my situation as a foreigner and an outsider. I will always struggle with this problem but I do not want to view this situation as a bad one. I have decided to accept my destiny and make this one of the themes of my work....
...The ‘Frontier’ between them is therefore the main subject of my work but it means more to me than a simple line dividing two worlds. I consider the ‘Frontier’ to be an ambiguous zone which cuts across many controversial issues of our time. I try hard to express this ambiguity in my photographs and drawings.....


BLUEs ©YuHirai